Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Stone Oak, TX

Dental bridges are used to replace lost teeth, and they can consist of one or more teeth. A bridge needs two anchoring teeth on either side of the gap, which are known as ‘abutment’ teeth. The false teeth or crowns in the dental bridge are called ‘pontics’. Our dentist in Stone Oak, TX, will evaluate your oral cavity before making the correct recommendations.

Our dental team at EvoDent Dental can help you choose from several restorative options, including bridges, crowns, implants, dentures, and partials.

Why Treat Missing Teeth

Missing teeth often pose many problems, and it’s best to visit your dentist for treatment options. Having missing teeth can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing and also prove harmful to your oral health.

Your dentist will help you replace your teeth with the best restoration option available. Ignoring missing teeth can lead to several problems.

  • Teeth May Loosen and Shift

When we have all our teeth lined up neatly, they keep each other in place. However, gaps can cause teeth to loosen and shift out of place. Shifting teeth may cause potential tooth decay, gum disease, and changes in your bite.

  • Change in Facial Structure

Missing teeth – even if it’s a rear tooth – can alter your facial structure and make you look older. They can cause your cheeks to sag and make other unpleasant changes to your facial appearance.

  • TMJ/TMD Disorder

Missing teeth can also lead to TMJ/TMD disorder that causes pain in the jaw when you chew, yawn, or laugh.

Thanks to modern dental technology, EvoDent Dental can offer a range of tooth replacement options tailored to your requirements.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Our dentist in Stone Oak, TX explains the different benefits of getting bridges to replace lost teeth.

  • They can restore chewing, speaking functionalities
  • They can help correct problems of occlusion
  • They restore facial structure and prevent other teeth from shifting out of place

Dental bridges can be anchored with the help of natural teeth or implants. Schedule your appointment today with EvoDent Dental in Stone Oak, TX for information about dental bridges near you.

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