Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Stone Oak, TX

Need emergency dentistry in Stone Oak, TX, or the surrounding areas of Hollywood Park, Far North Central, Stone Oak Park, Oakwood, Meadows, and Inwood? At EvoDent Dental, our emergency dentist in Stone Oak is here for you and will be able to see you on short notice.

Patients who go through dental emergencies won’t be able to schedule their appointments in advance. At the same time, they need to be seen by a dentist immediately.

At EvoDent Dental in Stone Oak, TX, we’re ready to provide you with the immediate care that you need to get through this. We’re almost always capable of taking on dental emergencies because we intentionally leave gaps in our schedule. The sooner you get to a dentist near you, the better the outcomes.

Dental Emergencies

Patients need to know what qualifies as a dental emergency and what doesn’t. Some might assume that any toothache or discomfort qualifies as an emergency. This is usually not true unless the pain is unbearable and isn’t alleviated with over-the-counter painkillers.

The most obvious dental emergency is oral trauma. If you fall and hurt your jaw or feel like some of your teeth are loose or were knocked-out, you need to see us immediately. Dental infections also need to be dealt with urgently. A dental abscess is something we don’t want you to wait on. It’s better to have an abscess drained by a dentist than to let it grow and rupture on its own.

Dental Solutions

Patients going through dental emergencies are often in great distress. They’re not just experiencing significant pain. They’re also worried about their teeth and what their smiles will look like. We’ve been able to save many of our patients’ teeth in the past. Teeth that have been knocked out can sometimes be restored. If you chipped or broke a tooth, we can usually fix it using composite resin.

We provide several restorative options that you can choose from. We can replace a severely damaged tooth with an implant or bridge. If the problem is a dental abscess, we’ll examine it and decide on what to do next. We can either prescribe antibiotics for you to take or incise and drain it in the office.

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