Root Canals

Root Canals in Stone Oak, TX

The root of the tooth is the part that contains many of its essential components. The tooth’s nerves and blood vessels are present in the root. Unfortunately, the root can become infected. At EvoDent Dental in Stone Oak, TX, we perform root canal treatments almost weekly.

There are many benefits to finding a dentist that performs root canals near you. The sooner you receive treatment, the better the outcome. Root canal treatments will preserve the tooth’s appearance and ability to bite and chew. At EvoDent Dental, we have plenty of experience with root canals and will prioritize your comfort during the procedure.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

There are several signs that you should look for. The presence of any of these should tell you that you need to see a dentist near you for possible root canal treatment. These signs include severe pain while biting or chewing, swollen or tender gums, sensitivity to hot or cold, chipped or cracked teeth, and pimples on the gums.

We’ll ask you a few questions about your symptoms then examine your teeth. We might need a dental x-ray for more information. Once we have everything we need, we’ll make our recommendation.

Getting a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is more common and less complicated than people think. The first thing we’ll do is gain access to the root of the tooth. We will then use our tools to clean and disinfect it. The area will then be sealed and filled using a special material. Local anesthesia is injected at the beginning to numb the area. You will only feel slight pressure while we work.

Patients can go home the same day. You will be able to eat but should wait until the numbness is gone so that you don’t bite your lips or tongue. The tooth will need to be supported with a crown after root canal treatment. The crown will strengthen it and protect it from damage.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding root canal treatments. We’re here to help.

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