Tooth Extractions in Stone Oak, TX

When your teeth have dental decay or have been injured in a trauma, sometimes our dentists at EvoDent Dental cannot save them, and they will do an extraction. There are also other reasons to pull and replace one or several teeth.

Evaluating Teeth for Extraction

Our dentists in Stone Oak, TX, will examine your teeth with the idea to save them if possible. However, some teeth have so much decay, or one may have a break at the root that makes it unsalvageable. In these cases, they will decide to remove a tooth or several if necessary.

Reasons for Extractions

Along with severe dental decay or severely broken teeth, our dentists may also do extractions if your teeth are severely crooked or overcrowded. These conditions can make teeth prone to decay in places that toothbrushes cannot reach and where it’s difficult for the dentist to clean.

Also, some overcrowded teeth may need removing so that the dentist can fit braces to straighten them.

Options for Extractions

When our dentists choose to do an extraction, they can opt for one of three types, a simple, complex, or surgical extraction.

Simple Extractions

Simple extractions are the most popular method of pulling a tooth. Our dentists at EvoDent Dental choose this method when there is enough tooth above the gum line to grasp with forceps to rock the tooth back and forth to loosen and pull it out.

Although your tooth and the surrounding tissues are numb to prevent you from being uncomfortable, you’re awake during this procedure.

Complex Extractions

A complex extraction takes place when there isn’t any part of a tooth left above the gum line for our dentists near you in Stone Oak, TX, to grasp. Then, they will make an incision at the gum to free the tooth at the bone and remove it. This type of extraction is also used for impacted teeth that haven’t or can’t erupt, such as impacted wisdom teeth.

Surgical Extractions

When our dentists take an x-ray, they may spot wisdom teeth growing in the wrong way and will need to remove them. They are usually far below the gum line, so you may stay at the hospital overnight for them to get extracted.

Our dentists at EvoDent Dental in Stone Oak, TX, try to save your teeth if possible, but sometimes an extraction is necessary to keep other teeth healthy.

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