Top Invisalign Facts and Caring Tips You Should Know

Top Invisalign Facts and Caring Tips You Should Know

Dec 01, 2020

Statistical data shows that Invisalign® has more than 3.5 million users worldwide, so if you are among those who had doubts about Invisalign being a legit alternative to braces, you are now assured that it will deliver on what it promises. Invisalign treatment in Stone Oak involves straightening teeth using clear or invisible plastic aligners.

If you are looking forward to having your Invisalign in Stone Oak, Evodent Dental clinic is one of the best places you should consider. Our clinic is open seven days a week, and we also have an emergency dentist whom you can visit when you are faced with an unexpected issue late in the evening. Aside from clear aligners, we also offer various cosmetic and general dentistry services, including endodontics, orthodontics, veneers, routine cleaning, teeth bleaching, and dental implants. We also have a bilingual dental team with well-trained practitioners who are fluent in both Spanish and English.

Before stopping by a dental office to get Invisalign treatment near you, it is essential to note that not all dental practitioners who offer Invisalign are experts at treating people with Invisalign. Therefore, to prevent your outcome from being affected, find someone with skills and experience in this particular treatment.

You should also know that this treatment procedure requires commitment for it to yield good results. For instance, you will be required to wear clear aligners for not less than 22 hours a day; otherwise, they will not work. Before you start your treatment, ask yourself whether you are ready to make such sacrifices, among others, that will be mention later on. If you don’t think you can make such changes, it will be better to refrain from their use because they might worsen your teeth alignment problem. Wearing Invisalign braces for a lesser time frame than what was prescribed by an expert will result in further teeth displacement, which means that they’ll drift further from where they are supposed to be thus, worsening your bite.

Once you get your Invisalign in Stone Oak, TX, you’ll be required to make frequent visits to our dental office every 4 to 10 weeks so that we can make an evaluation of your progress as well as give you a new set of aligners.

What to Do When Your Aligners Fail to Fit Properly

When you decide to get Invisalign near you, your dental practitioner will give you an aligner bite stick or “chewie” to use in case there are some areas of the trays that fit poorly. To use the bite stick, place it in your mouth between your upper and lower teeth and then bite it down for the next five or more seconds before you release it. If necessary, you can repeat this procedure for the next 5 or 10 minutes until the clear trays get well-seated. Most Invisalign experts recommend using a chewie or bite sticks each time you get new aligner trays to facilitate the best tooth movement.

How to Keep Your Invisalign Aligners Clean

You can help keep your clear trays odor-free and clean by using water and soap to wash them at least once a day. While cleaning the trays, do not be too aggressive and also don’t bend the trays. It is also important to never use hot or boiling water in cleaning activities. Experts say cold water is the best.

The Risks Associated with Invisalign

  • They raise the odds of one suffering from TMJ issues
  • Since the aligners are made of plastic, they can break, and you may end up swallowing or breathing in the broken pieces if you are not aware of the breakage
  • Before getting accustomed to the trays, you might experience word pronunciation difficulties
  • Some of its new users have reported some levels of discomfort. This is, however, something that is common, and the feeling usually recedes after some time

Who Should Not Wear Invisalign?

Most persons are ideal candidates for clear braces, but there are exceptions, which include:

  • Persons who are smokers and are unwilling or unable to quit the smoking habit during the treatment duration
  • Any individual who lacks the motivation or commitment to wear their trays for the prescribed hours
  • Elderly patients who do not have the manual abilities to take their aligners off and on or uphold the necessary orthodontic care such as cleaning the trays
  • Kids who are not old enough to strictly follow the guidelines involved with the treatment

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